Why did we switch to Bosal?  

Bosal Foam & Fiber's specially designed 326/426LF Single Sided  Light Fusible Batting is the most consistent product we've ever worked with!  It creates to perfect combination of stability and softness. 

The HARDWARE in Penny's patterns is available in 3 finishes:

    Antique Brass
    Shiny Gunmetal

See Hardware page

We do appreciate your purchases from Quiltsillustrated.
Sincerely, Penny and Bob 
If you don't see the product on the website that Penny calls out on the pattern then email bob@quiltsillustrated.com or call Bob at (480) 322-1020 or leave a message at 480-802-6661.

Penny's newest creation




The ROXY TOTE is a much requested new pattern